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Product questions

Neolign® is a wood-based material made of 83% PEFC certified wood chips,
polymers and color pigments, extruded into panels. In addition to
extrusion, processes such as injection molding and 3-D printing are possible.

No new tree is felled for Neolign®. The
PEFC certified chips are a by-product of the
wood processing industry and are obtained from local forests. The things
for which there is otherwise no use becomes, thanks to Neolign®, your
new favourite item.

Neolign® is also recyclable. 100%
recyclable materials ensure that old Neolign®, at
the end of its lifespan, can processed into new Neolign® products. Entirely in line with the Cradle to Cradle principle.

Neolign Care is a fully ecological protection and care product that
optimally matches the properties of Neolign®. By
saturating the material with Neolign Care, the material absorbs less
liquid and dirt, significantly increasing
stain resistance. In addition, Neolign Care is designed to preserve the
color of the panels during impregnation.

With the
care you ensure that traces of use on your piece of furniture
minimized and you have pleasure that lasts. With this you support
our philosophy of sustainability through longevity.

If liquid has penetrated the material, the power of the sun is often enough to remove it again.

More stubborn stains can be easily treated with a rough rinsing sponge and clear, cold water. Moisten the entire surface to prevent drying edges. Another good option is dry
cleaning with an abrasive fleece. For doing so, we recommend the Neolign® Care Kit.

In the case of very stubborn stains or scratches, the entire surface can be sanded. Due to the coloration of the Neolign®, a surface that has been damaged by many years of use can be professionally sanded.

Gaps between the Neolign board and the sheet metal or wobbly legs can be adjusted by loosening the wing screws. The wing screws are then tightened again crosswise, piece by piece.

In case of stronger tolerances, we recommend inserting a washer between the neolign board and the arrow rest to compensate for a height offset.

To the detailed instructions:


Neolign® and related raw materials such as color pigments and polymers are manufactured in Germany, just like packaging, fabrics, upholstery material and ancillary products. The sheet metal comes from a traditional sheet metal processing plant within the EU.
The merino wool for scratch protection is made in Austria.

Neolign® feels like hardwood and smells like spruce.

The color pigments of the Hero series in Kalypso Red consist of a composition of particularly high-quality color pastes that penetrate right into the capillaries of the wood chips. Among other things, color pigments consist of either organic or inorganic raw materials, such as metals or minerals. Each raw material evokes a specific price on the market. This is how price differences occur.


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